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  'The world's finest ear defender against noise at work and recreation'

The War Horse Company find NoiseBreakers the best product of its kind. We automatically call on their services for every cast change and are consistently impressed by their service. Emtec have never failed to provide the right product on time.

Bettina Patel,
Production Manager
The War Horse Company

Historically it was always difficult to encourage people within the construction industry to wear any type of hearing protection. There was always a reason or excuse why they couldn't or wouldn't wear them. For the last ten years, every tunnelling job I have been on we have used Emtec NoiseBreakers. They do what it says on the tin, they protect your hearing they are comfortable and they are cost effective.

The best recommendation I can give is from the workforce itself. They always ask if they get them at the start of the contract, they wear them all day even in the canteen and some ask if they can buy another pair themselves for their motor bikes, clay shooting etc. My personal favourite was when a foreman stopped the job and had his team of men searching the workplace as he had lost one. I have used and believe in them but most of all the men believe and use them.

Douglas Price,
H&S Manager MVBJV,
Lee Tunnel Project

At British Aerospace we have been using Emtec NoiseBreakers for some years now. We have found them to be more than acceptable for our workforce, in that they provide maximum comfort over long periods, plus the fact that our employees can communicate well, which we find is vital, as communications is of the utmost importance in a noisy area. We view the NoiseBreaker, not just as a simple hearing protector, but as an all important part of the individual's safety equipment.

Phil Carlson,
Safety Officer,
British Aerospace

In 1979, whilst working as a chartered engineer in industry, I qualified as a shooting instructor, a hobby that in 1988 became my profession - both professions obviously requiring good hearing protection.

In my early days in industry muffs were the norm, but in the early 1990’s I had a pair of Emtec NoiseBreaker plugs made. I wear electronic muffs whilst coaching - the only reason being that I need to hear my pupils speaking, but for the remainder of my shooting activities I use Emtec NoiseBreaker plugs. The conclusion from my recent hearing test was excellent, which is testament to the fact that I have always worn good quality ear protection.

The plugs are extremely comfortable to wear for extended periods of time, particularly on hot days. I do not hesitate to recommend Emtec plugs to any person for any shooting or industrial activity, even to those working in the offshore industry.

Keith Stoker,
Professional Shooter

The end of a two year crusade in search of the perfect ear defence…

John Humphreys,
Shooting Times

Emtec have provided a very professional service and a good reliable product. We have purchased 80 sets of NoiseBreakers for our employees and will continue to use Emtec as our supplier.

The staff are very helpful and willing to visit site providing ongoing support. I would recommend this product to anyone who needs protection from noise, in fact I use my set at home when I use the lawn mower.

Sheraine Thomas,
SHEQ Manager,
Sandvik Osprey Ltd

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